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September 05, 2005




That's the best piece you've ever done.

You and I are completely on the same page. I think my piece blames conservatives and not just GW for the disastrous response to the disaster.

I write these things only because I can't find anybody else writing with the same venom I hold for these crooks and con artists. However, in the wake of NO, the rest of the pundits appear finally to be catching up with you and me.

Maybe I can quit now. That would be nice.

And I agree that finally, the right wing wave has crested.

As I've been pointing out constantly, the right brings death and destruction on a grand scale. They are the apocalypse.

Years from now we'll be talking about this little passage, this 9-11, Iraq, New Orleans trifecta the way people talk about the Great Depression or Watergate. Another GOP disaster. Oh, and throw the price of gas in there too, cuz it ain't comin down fast.

They are victims once again of their own stupidity and greed.

And I too have always wanted to go to New Orleans. At the very least, it will be cleaner sometime in the next year or two, when it opens back up for business.

But I think we as a nation should move it. Enough's enough.



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