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September 05, 2005



Is GWB personally responsible for the sludge like relief response. Yes and no. He appointed a guy who had been fired from running horse shows to run FEMA. That's kinda really dumb.

But then there's this other thing. GWB has a 474 jumbo jet at his disposal. He has a couple of helocopters as well. He has a big commissary in the White House and being Commander in Chief can walk right onto any military base, straight into the warehouses, and pick up as many MRE's or any other damn thing he wants and put it on that 747. On Wednesday he flew to NOLA and could have taken a plane full of food and water. Instead he flew over looking out the window like he was playing sim-disaster. The following friday, two days later he flew that same 747 back to NOLA from the White House and once again came empty handed. Not even a few packs of hostess cup cakes. He had all the resources at hand to bring some relief into the disaster area. He had access no one else could get. He did nothing. Nothing. Oh, and on the Thursday in between the Wed and Fri... He played golf.

Yes, while he may not be solely responsible for the bureaucratic mess of FEMA and of calling up the Guard... he is personally responsible for having the means the access and the ability to do some good and he... well, he played golf didn't he.


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