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June 27, 2005


Kevin Stewart

Regarding Medical Marijuana and the recent High Court ruling:

First of all, I never would have thought that I’d land on the side of the marijuana issue where I find myself now. But here’s the story: We currently have a family member, our daughter – let’s call her Jill – who’s living in the “Emerald Triangle”, Mendocino County, California. Pot was basically “legal” there until the recent high Court decision. The most liberal marijuana laws in the country and the reason our daughter ended up there with her husband who had previously been a guerilla farmer near Austin, Texas. Jill became alarmed when she learned of her husbands ultimate ambitions for what was then his “hobby”. She had a new baby, our granddaughter, and was interested only in raising the child in a healthy, natural environment and having a family. As her husband’s ‘business’ increased so did the stress of daily life. During harvest season in Texas they were forced to live in a motel while the cleaning and packaging of the pot took place in their home. They lived in constant fear of a knock on the door, the helicopter flying above – and those people brought in to ‘help’ with the business. Against her better wishes Jill’s husband decided that he’d move his enterprise and his family to greener, safer pastures in northern California. He actually obtained a “permit” from a doctor there supposedly allowing him to grow medical marijuana (there is a 12 plant limit and it’s to be used for medicinal purposes – wink, wink). Now Jill’s husband was not only in the business of growing pot he had now graduated to trafficking – a federal crime. The pot he was growing in California was being transported back to Texas where his connections were and the prices were high. We’re now talking about a million-Dollar-plus enterprise. We’re now talking about AK-47 rifles. We’re talking about money laundering, about serious riff-raff and a whole new caliber of criminals – a crime syndicate.

I cheered when I heard the Supreme Court handed down this ruling! We all cheered! I want my 5-year old granddaughter away from this crap, these criminals, the guns, the lifestyle!

I have nothing against the use of marijuana for medical purposes BUT would you buy penicillin from a criminal? Chemotherapy drugs? The problem with California’s screwed up laws is that there’s no regulation whatsoever. There’s no inspection and there’s no way of keeping the criminals out. They regularly find growers dead in the woods, handcuffed to trees near their pot fields; the victims of gangs from the city out to grab some weed. This is what the stupid California law is cultivating! How do you know who’s pissed in the pot your tokin’ on? They’ve got the nerve to even market this pot as “Organic”. Do you suppose it’s certified by the QAI?

I truly feel for those who believe that marijuana is the answer for relief from their suffering. But what about the suffering of those affected by the criminal consequences of this short-sited legislation. I have to believe – and the Court has affirmed – that we count. Our daughter suffered a nervous breakdown as a direct result of the stress brought on by this situation. She was hospitalized and her husband, whom she was in the process of divorcing, used the opportunity to obtain emergency custody of the baby. On visits the five-year-old asks her mother “why is daddy blowing smoke in my face? It burns my eyes!” The child has been observed by mental health professionals to be displaying obvious symptoms of trauma and it’s costing us tens of thousands in medical bills and lawyers to set this right.

But if you want to legalize marijuana, I’m still OK with that - just f**king do it right. California never took the time to think about the consequences of this legislation and the lives it subsequently ruined. To me it proves that conservatives have absolutely no monopoly on being idiots.

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