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November 08, 2004


Bill Butler


I too enjoyed the piece. I states very clearly a 'hunch' that I have been formulating. The fact that we arrived at the same conclusion independently gives me some faith in my political gut.

I have an idea for another potential landmark that could be an indicator for future right-wing progress. Hitler became all-powerful once he eliminated the possibiliy of being replaced. He created a dictatorship. I doubt seriously that Bush will have inculcated the masses to the point where he could make that move in just 4 years. He could, however, endorse his brother Jeb for the Presidency and create a dynasty that would create a lulling effect. If Jeb were to remain president for 2 terms, this would create a situation where a single family had run this nation for 20 years out of 236 years of existence. Hitler was successful because of his ability to successfully influence a generation of mindless followers. Since Florida is such a key battleground state, I don't believe that this reasoning is too far fetched.

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