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October 25, 2004


Dan Jacobs

hi professor, i too can't figure out why anyone would vote for bush he has screwed everything up that he has touched.he has nothing good to hang his hat on just that we bombed the shit out of some brown people!! i guess the asians are glad we are leaving them alone this time huh? well there is always n.korea. i vote independently of party i liked reagan(he had faults but showed results) hated carter(in over his head) ford was just plain dumb,nixon was crazy and couldn't be trusted,bush sr. dumb in over his head too clinton was my favorite and with great results in all areas and left us with a surplus $$...but this bush has all the bad stuff...dumb for sure...can't be trusted...in over his head...and a cocky asshole just listen to him...and he has snubed the black vote by not going to the naacp and by doing nothing at all for anyone but rich white people...bush must go!!!

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