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October 12, 2004


Jerry Perella

Paul has brought up some valid points in this week's Screed. I have said all along that I wish we had better candidates to choose from, and that apathy is slowly taking a foothold to the point when I'm damn near ready to flip the proverbial coin. But we MUST vote for the LESSER of two undesirable candidates. I know it stinks but that's what we've got here.
I attended a Michael Moore event last Saturday night at Gaylord Entertainment in Nashville. I went there thinking Michael was going to talk about his documentaries, and that I would maybe even get to meet him. I do not agree with him on most points but I still enjoy his movies. Anyway, this event was nothing more than a goddamn commercialized Kerry rally. The freaks were coming out of the woodwork and the street hawkers were working the crowds with their $25 T-shirts, CDs, and books. Several fistfights almost erupted out front between a handful of Bush supporters and the Kerry zealots, who were ripping the signs out of their hands.
There was a large turnout and once the event started I soon came to realize that I wasn't in Kansas anymore, Toto. It was a mindless atmosphere that resembled all the intelligence of a pro Wrestling-Mania event. Moore had an ex-marine warm-up the crowd with his bullshit (I think this guy was a coach for some local team). Then he had two local musicians sing a few lame songs that I guess were supposed to somehow make an analogy to Bush's stupidity, and Kerry's wisdom. Then the man himself came on stage and I thought FINALLY, we'll get to hear some behind the scenes chatter about his documentaries. But alas, it was simply more Bush bashing, with a few edited anti-bush spoofs that were making fun of the political ads that are storming the TVs. Moore seemed to keep driving the point home that Tennessee was a democratic state. I thought that this was not the way to win over the undecided. I think he should have stressed the point that regardless of what affiliations a voter might have, they should VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE this time.
Then it was over and Michael Moore had left the building. The freaks filed out still holding their signs with the witty puns and then I watched the cops break up another fight outside.
What's my point? Simply this: Try as I might, I can't seem to work-up any enthusiasm for Kerry and it has nothing to do with party affiliation. However, I will probably vote for him because first, just like a doctor, WE MUST DO NO HARM. Secondly I am a proponent for stem cell research. Government must keep their goddamn ignorant noses out of science and let these brilliant researchers do their thing. What if Salk had been prohibited from doing his Polio research? We might still see kids walking around on crutches. I'm old enough to remember those kids. Thirdly and most importantly (in my humble opinion) is that if Bush is re-elected, he will be a fucking LAME DUCK! Now a lame duck is like a convict lifer. They have absolutely nothing to lose, so often they make life-threatening decisions. Let's face it, after you've been president, what else is there for you to acheive politically? You're gonna' want to go out with a bang, literally. So if you have any reservations whatsoever about Bush's record during last four years, imagine him back in office for ANOTHER four with nothing left to lose! Anyway, that's as I see it. Now I'll put my soapbox away watch the debate tonight.

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