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September 20, 2004


Donnie Safer

Re the latest (9/20) screed: what is moebius? A device to see who's paying atttention? It is not in my 2000+ page dictionary.
Note to Mike, his concerns about the environment should be cause enough to tip his vote to Kerry. He should check out the Bush environmental record in detail, not what They say, but what they have done. There is no real debate about the affect this administration has had on the environmnent. It is outrageous and I think criminal.
Note to Paul: Bush's pre 9/11 Presidency had a very focused domestic agenda to mold the US into their image.
Observation: How is it that the sitting President who was asleep at the wheel on 9/11 and has led us into the current mess can be running on his record . . . and be getting away with it so far? It's as if we are a stampeding herd being led deeper into the abyss. I guess fear and a war mentality are the Kool-aid.

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