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August 30, 2004


Baby Cakes

>>>But ya know, it's not really George Bush that worries me. It's the hundred million people who are still going to vote for him that I can't figure out.

*Bingo! I've been thinking about this a lot, doll face, as I drive around Nashville and see hundreds of brand new huge SUVs and big ass American trucks sporting "W 2004" bumper stickers and here's what I've figured out: These Bush fans don't care that going to war in Iraq was unmindful and WRONG. They KNOW that it was for the oil, and you know what? They BACK that. They think they deserve to overtake a country for the oil because after all--the Iraqis are just a bunch of brown, backwards people to these rich white nashville rednecks. They'd never "admit" it but I think that's what they really believe. The Aryan race is alive and well, I'm afraid, and procreating like rabbits right here in our fair city......

If Bush gets re-elected, can we and all of our dear friends move to Canada and start a little farming community?????????

Baby Cakes

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