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You gotta bend, not break, Amigo. It's all good, if you just look at it from a different perspective.

The book is OUT on Lulu! Let's post that link EVERYWHERE.

Leave it up for sale to us nerdy types and start work on a version that has more formulaid popular audience appeal. If you must. But I'm casting my vote for moving on to the movie script.


I always saw it as a Steven Spielberg production.

Oh forum where have you gone?!?!?!?!
Where are we going to discuss things
like this???



Nate Cull

Wow. I'm pretty stunned by this, Paul.

I know I haven't been reading the forum lately because I needed some time away too, so I understand - sort of - your sense of futility about this all.

But I'm surprised that you didn't already realise, going into it, that this was NOT a story that 'conventional publishing methods' were going to be able to handle. It's a fringe story; you won't GET a lot of mainstream, reputable publishers wanting to publish it. This is always the case when reporting on any kind of 'out of the way' phenomena.

But you've already done a huge amount of good just by digging up the confirmed facts you have. Okay, so there's speculation in there. We all know that. But please, please, PLEASE don't let that work be wasted by just turning the lights off and throwing it all away. There's so much goodwill you will sacrifice if you do.

Just knowing that Linda Brown is a real person and being able to exchange forum posts was huge for me. As I'm sure it was for others. I'm not sure that you realise how important the forum was as a place to meet, and how much damage could be done by evaporating it and throwing it into the memory hole.

At least let someone download a backup copy of the forum database so that we can extract and save the text. There are still a lot of potential leads in there, and even if they go nowhere, it's a fascinating record of a time and a place.


I'm not asking for you to pay the bills. Just let the data be archived, and if you're not going to run it, at least let someone else do it.

I've argued all along on this forum that this is a huge trap that happens with every X-Files-y project out there: data gets sucked into a proprietary black hole, whether it be patent or NDA or copyright or exclusive book publishing deal. Then the backer gets burned out, they burn the files, and we're back to square zero. And a generation's worth of hard data goes down the toilet and that's where rationality goes away and the urban legends start.

It worried me when you first took the draft manuscript offline that you might do something this. Please don't let this happen. Let the data be free so those who care can save it.

Nate Cull

Oh, thanks, I didn't realise the book was on Lulu.

That answers half of my plea already - at least I can give printed copies of the book to people, which has the hard data. The forum would be a 'very nice to have' but if it's not salvageable, ok.

I'm going to buy a copy, maybe a couple, for my conspiracy-minded friends. I just wish Paul could get money from such sales.



Fear not. ALL data is secure.

Corrie Lamprecht

I can cry for you, but no - I will cry for us. That is for all the people that are stumbling around in the darkness and wish they knew more about the actual work of T. T. Brown. It is not only about the man and his legacy, it is about his lost science - Now we only have much less to try and understand.


The perfessor said:
"Fear not. ALL data is secure."

What are we to make of this statement Paul?

Have you now joined the "conspiracy" to keep the "unexplainable truth" hidden, or are you now keeping 60,000+ posts and volumes of our combined emotional baggage in your "treasure chest" for some other undetermined purpose?

What on EARTH would this data be any good for if your whole five year adventure has been nothing but self-delusion? (my own personnal worst fear BTW)

Don't get me wrong... I DO UNDERSTAND your frustration, however... You don't seem to be "done" with "Thomas Townsend Brown" just yet...OTHERWISE you would have flushed "all" the data.

Something ELSE is happening here... but I won't speculate any further on it.


Mark Moody

Could you please try to contact me?

vince white

What you call mush is steel. the life you painfully , with coffee and chocolate , you rescued from a careful national security fog and thicket of guile and still towering , edifice of deception that yet conceals such achievement , many will weep with astonishment and wonder, on that day, as hidden giants are revealed , and minds
that pulled miracles of new tools for man , that will remake the planet , and even will impress visitors from afar, for this story
of TT Brown will be told by you , with faith sustained , or someone else. Triumph is near. vince white

Ernesto Lacalle

It is sad that the book is standing by...
In my opinion, you cannot go against the human cultural machine, no matter if it is right or wrong.
If it does not want to know about T T Brown, it will not listen nor read about him, and it will eat any attempt to force it to do so.
But, this does not means that you should give up.
There are ways to give the Cultural machine what it wants, and at the same time do what you want.
This cannot be achieved dirtecly. The straight line could be the shortest way between two points, but in this case it is the impossible way.
You should go through an alternative longer and perhaps full of curves way, to get to your goal.
There will be people that will thank you a lot if you do it!
The Cultural Machine is the strongest thing in this world and there is no man that could win a fight with it, but... at the same time it is way stupid, so that you can do it without fighting it.
I wish you good luck with your project!


Martha Luczak

What struck me as most ironic while reading of this amazing project is that Dr. Brown, as you have discovered, spent most of his life covering up his life and work...and he did a hell of a good job!!! Even in death he remains a mystery! Wow. I say very cool movie stuff. I can't even imagine consistently behaving in any sense over such a long period of time!

Besides that, what you have accomplished here says a lot about your character and that you will take with you forever.

Richard Hull


You are a writer and of artistic temperment. Being of this bent, you sought to make an interesting story out of the life of T.T. Brown, and interestng it is, however murky and gray. It would make a great story of a fully convoluted life filled with ups and downs and bizarre tales.

As you and the publisher noted, there is no real scieitific meat on the bones of T.T. Brown's life. No brilliant discovery that is used or referenced to him by any scientific body or manufacturer of useful things.

There is a great following, however of the ever faithful mostly clinging to the fringes of the WWW. There are books and publications that make claims and counter claims regarding his work, but they all fall short of anything beyond their own hype and open ended suppositions.

You seem to have, belately, realized that there was no end to the T.T. Brown rainbow, thus, no reward for following it in the scientific sense that would give the story closure.

It is a pity that the story you have written about his life was not accepted, just because it has no verifiable meat on its bones.

You probably have done more than any preceding author to get at the truth of what he accomplished in his life. Unfortunately, you found only a whole bunch of dangling threads that attached to nothing in the end.

Take heart friend. You have done a good piece of work anyway. There just doesn't, at this time, seem to be a payday at the end of all the sweat poured into the effort.

Your reward will have to be the realization you did your best in the effort.

R. Hull


more power to you Paul, it's not over


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