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I totally agree. It was fodder late night TV. I saw excerpts of her interview with Katie Couric on two shows. I saw it first on the Daily Show and just cringed. I couldn't watch. I sat silently staring at the rug. Then, it was time for the Colbert Report. Again, I sat motionless as Colbert made his joke leading up to a clip of the same interview. It was surreal. Why was she allowed to be so colossally unprepared for this interview. In fact, I'll go a bit further and ask why she was shielded from interviews in the first place, staging her break-out moment with one on national TV with a national TV viewer. Wouldn't it have made more sense (read: been more charitable) to have allowed her (with LOTS of coaching) to begin small with interviews on local/regional networks and work her way up?

John McCain, if anyone should get fired it should be the person/people whose brainiac idea it was to hide Palin from the public for 30 days, then release her to one of the top wolves of TV. IMHO.


Sorry. Correction. I meant to say national TV interviewer, not "viewer".

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