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Bill Fowler

I have often wondered about what can happen when you exchange an ipod for battery replacement. There is great potential for extracting the paid itunes somewhere in the process (especially if the refurb is done south of the border). So I whole-heartedly agree with your concerns over data security on a PC.
Switch to a PC and let Steve Jobs know why.


This policy sucks bigtime – as do many things with Apple Inc. I am hooked on the Mac since 1990 and still use much of their hardware on a daily basis. OSX has been a major improvement over the classic OS but it still has to come a long way in terms of stability and performance. Now, the era of the iPhone has ushered in a lapse in quality in many other departments including hardware reliability.

In your case I would consider to take the MacBook back home pull the dead drive (easy on a MacBook) and give it a good scrub with a strong electro magnet. An old geezer like me still has one of those tools used for demagnetizing the recording heads of HiFi tape machines in the olden days. That should do the trick without any visual damage to the drive. Then put it back in and let the genius "have" it.

Steve Jobs

MacAuthority isn't worth shit. It's lower on the shit list than Obama. I will NEVER do business with them again. Hope they go out of business!!!

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