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November 07, 2011


Robert Tubbs

Deuterium is a time honored method of getting your D2, as per a search result will show.

Robert Tubbs

Electrolysis of Deuterium Oxide*

Richard Hull

Robert is correct. Electrolysis of heavy water was first done here over 4 years ago and has been used by a small number of folks to avoid the cost and hassle of deuterium gas purchasing.

It is not the best solution and can't compare with pure gas as there seems to always be some water vapor involved, fouling the results. I am unaware of any vastly stunning fusion numbers being obtained with the electrolysis process, but fusion is done using this process by our fusioneers.


I recognize that fusor, he had it running at Dragon*Con last year too where I took photos and video of his star (technically video of his projected video...)

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