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October 01, 2011


Michal Racko

Good day sir Hull,
I´am 17 years old student from Slovakia. I´am working at Farnsworth fusor. I have achieved high vacuum and some discharges in air and hydrogen in my home-made vacuum chamber. I haven´t reached fusion because of unstable discharge in my chamber, and my tutor say´s that we can´t put there deuterium because it´ll be only waste of it. I have won grant from Enel (it is energetic company on Slovakia) so I can made new, profesional chamber.
Can I ask you some questions about fusor?
Have you had any problems with stability of discharge?
What current have you reached in your fusor, when it runs best?
There must be strong X-ray radiation flux, do you use some lead schield or steel in walls of chamber is sufficient?
Have you done some research in your fusor? Like something with geometry of electrodes or somethink like this? I want to do some research with wirtual cathode, but firstly I must reach fusion of cource. Can I find somewhere if someone do this before me?
I´am so sorry for my english, and grammar mistakes.
Thank you for reading my email.
Please write my to [email protected] (I can´t find your functional email adress)
Best wishes,
Michal Račko

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