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September 16, 2011


Richard Hull

Taylor deserves all the kudos and has made the news in several places. All the best to him in future in both school, his fusion efforts and in his future work place efforts.
I know he will shine brightly there, too.

Many of us were just as geeky and doing stuff like Taylor and at age 15, too.

I had built Tesla coils and crude analog computers by that age. I had also been doing chemical and amateur rocket experiments (metal rockets with nasty and dangerous chemicals).

Carl willis showed up at my house back in theh Tesla coil days, (early 90's), while in Jr. high school and immediately made a couple of nice coils. He also had the youthful chemical experiments behind him at that age.

It is the "hands-on imperative", most often granted to males, that drags some select few young men to make stuff....weird, off the wall stuff. Taylor is just another example, although with a bit more polish and press than most can muster.

Now that we have toasted Taylor, let us lift another one for all young people, here and elsewhere, afflicted with the hands-on imperative; who struggle and strive to fashion seemingly impossible articles and items far beyond their years and experience.

Richard Hull

Carl Willis

Taylor's enthusiasm is infectious, and his achievements at ISEF have set an example for many young people who will no doubt follow and build on his progress. I look forward to seeing him at HEAS, if he's indeed coming.

None of your buisness

Well i'm 14 and i'm making this and a particle accelerator.

Chase Price

Although this is amazing Krystal Schuh is the youngest fusioneer at 13. Check this sites list of fusioneers in The Neutron Club.


John Garry

Me and my buddy Ryan are each building Fusor's as we speak! Very exciting!

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