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December 28, 2010


Laura Schatzkin

Hi my long-lost cousin,

I just read this article on Epoch Times. Very cool.

I hope you are doing well, and happy new year!


Paul S

For another angle on the True Story behind the demise of the Farnsworth fusion project, read Richard Hull's post in the Fusor Forums:


Ivan Malagurski

Great read...


My first time on this site. But I've been reading about fusion for a long time. The problem is not fusion, its not even creating more energy than we are putting in, it seems to me that the problem is to prevent this extreem heat from vaporising the fusor.
Has this been tried: First, create a vault deep undeground with a nuclear explosion.
Second aim laser beams at a focal point at the center of the vault to create the critical temperature to start nuclear fusion. Third shoot deuterium pellets at the focal point with sufficient frequency to sustain fusion.

No more energy is needed from the lasers. There is nothin close to the very intense heat generated at the focal point. So nothing could melt. Heat collector installed at sufficient distance from the focal point would collect the heat at reduced temperature. The laser beam genarator, the pellet shooting guns, the heat collectors could all be at a safe distance.
If its a dum idea, I'd like to know why.

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