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August 17, 2008


Mark Bench

I met Philo T. Farnsworth in Maine where he was working on nuclear fusion, spent 3 days with him and his beloved Pem. A few things I remember from that visit: He told me that it took him as long to teach the PhDs who were working with him to become cr eative as it took them to earn their PhD degrees. He also said he believed that the good Lord would hold responsible the people who programmed television for what they did with this marvelous invention.

When he died, his wife wrote a book which Arch L. Madsen, then president of Bonneville International Corporation, published. I have a copy of the book. Madsen also saw that the tall mountain where the KSL Television (Salt Lake City, Utah) antenna was located was renamed Farnsworth Peak.

Mark Bench, Executive Director
World Press Freedom Committee
White Plains, NY
[email protected]



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