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January 01, 2007


Samuel A. Falvo II

Blah!! This blog's comments have hard to read attributions. I addressed the above to Will and referred to Bob. This was totally in error, and changes everything. Oh well -- can't undo the post. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

soshi lebdev

I have invented fusion. my government wont let me give it away.

I will give you a hint. The secret ingredient is GLUE

Ruddy Molina

I have another design for a simple fussion nuclear bomb

i need 60 T.V.s an 10 Tons of Deuterium...

John Shearing


Would you please examine the photo of this dodecahedral electromagnet and comment on whether or not you think it might be useful for containing plasma. Please note this is not a polywell.


my email is johnshearing aaattt gmail period com
Thanks, John

Ali Ashk

Is it possible to construct a home-made nuclear fusion reactor that run on cold fusion?

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