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July 20, 2010


Samuel Junior Roberts (1/2 of Jam Raconteur)

I'm curious about something:

Did Farnsworth ever think of making a two-way version of television?

One more thing: I'm writing a series of stories called "New Albion" featuring a school founded by one fictional character (Proctor Reynolds) and seven real ones. (Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, PHILO FARNSWORTH, Joe Meigs, David Schwartz, Nathan Stubblefield, and Nikola Tesla).

Would this be acceptable?

Air Max 2010

I am glad it was appropriately punished. I don't work in a big agency, i am an independent, so I don't have any insight into how agencies bill, but I know how I do it, and there is no padding there, so for others to muddy that up is pretty irritating indee


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I want a Farnsworth. I bet it will fetch huge bucks at E-bay.


Surprisingly, even though there aren't many Farnsworth items available on eBay, they're not actually as expensive as you might expect

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